What I Miss Most Teaching Live Classes

1.) The resonance of the collective sound of OM
2.) The power and joy of 70 people in silence communion
3.) Basking in the collective intention of loving kindness
4.) The power of touch! Teaching with my hands rather than only my voice and zoom demos!
5.) Being guided by the magical alchemy of the student-teacher relationship
6.) Feeling  revelry and buzz in the yoga room and using that shakti to teach from
7.) Teaching in the moment relative to who is in the class
8.) Group tapas!
9.) Feeling the support and kind presence of long time students in class
10.)  Meeting the brand new student and sensing how she is moved by the work
11.) Watching students flow in SATYA
12.) Watching and listening to the rise and fall of everyone’s breath
13.) Chanting together! Feeling the sound resonance of sound vibration through my skin.
14.) Being in a room where the whole class is practicing ahimsa 
15.) Sitting in silence during savasana and feeling the power of stillness in the room
16.) Spontaneous laughter, tears, giggles, moans, murmurs and cries
17.)  Rejoicing in the buddha nature of you, me and every single person in class
18.) Listening to the presence of an invisible force to guide me in the room
19.) The help of my wonderful, trained assistants
20.)  Being in the collective, Not Knowing of this time together
What do you miss most? Please share with us a list of the things you miss in this time of stay-at-home practice.