Anatomy of the Chakra at Moksha Yoga 11/19

Journey into dream time with Tias & students on Day #3 of his advanced teacher training course Anatomy of the Chakra. This session was recorded live on Nov. 19. 2012 at Moksha Yoga (Riverwest) in Chicago. Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, Tias conducted two teacher training intensives at Moksha. In addition to Anatomy of the Chakra (11/17-11/20), he led students in the introductory course From the Ground Up. We send out much love, many thanks and a ton of blessings to the staff and students at Moksha. Tias will pay another visit to Moksha in 2013, visit our calendar and don’t forget to mark yours!

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This pose has an other world quality, as its name suggests the god Vishnu, the Sustainer, asleep on the cosmic serpent at the beginning of time....

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Diaphragmatic Breathing

This exercise will enable greater sensitivity for the movement of the respiratory diaphragm, particularly at the posterior margin of your diaphragm...

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