Yoga in the News

Perfect Timing

Yoga is all about supporting the body's inherent biorhythms and a fascinating report recently on NPR supports this. The piece is based on the...

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The Bikram Scandal

It looks like at long last the Bikram empire is crumbling. After many years of playing powerball in the yoga world, it is not a surprise that Bikram...

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Yoga Infiltrates Insurance

It is remarkable how yoga and meditation are infiltrating corporate America. The fact that the conglomerate insurance company Aetna, based in...

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Peace, Love and Yoga

Tias is quoted in this article about the yoga scene in Santa Fe, NM, in the Santa Fe Reporter on March 12, 2014. Read the article >

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The Super Seahawk Asana

In light of the Seattle Seahawk's Super Bowl blow out, it is noteworthy that part of their success is attributed to asana, meditation and healthy...

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Yoga on the Runway

The sadness that spawns from the passing of Isabella Caro, a French model who died of anorexia two months ago, weighs heavy on those of us who teach...

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