Collective New Years Intentions 2022

Prajna Sangha Submissions

“I resolve to trust the way, maintaining the courage to navigate this journey today in this world to trust the way. I hope for a world with closer connection to kindness and heart.“

Sheila Wenzel
Jamestown, NC, USA

“My vision for 2022 is that all yogis can gather again in person, while remaining connected on line throughout the world. “

Christel Pierron

“I am resolving to grow my awareness of where I place my attention so that I may expand the time I spend in high(er) frequency energetic spaces and reduce the time spent in the low(er) ones.“

Brooke Smith
Memphis, TN, USA

“Self and community care: body care, meditation, loving boundaries.“

Dena Sexton
Moss Beach, CA, USA

“See, Hear, Honor All”

Kathy Duke
Clifton, VA, USA

“Dharma, Devotion, Love, Open, Seeking, Purpose – all done in balance with a consistent Sadhana and living my practice all day everyday with particular self awareness around how I communicate with loved ones and across differences alike.”

Nora Wedemeyer
Portland, OR USA

“Just a continuing practice to do one thing at a time.”

Megan Hughes
Portland, OR, USA

“To be open to people, to life, even in the face of rebuffing winds, because there is no progress without understanding where others are coming from. To appreciate, and to seize, every opportunity, like the invitation to participate in this collective resolution, to reach out and connect.”

Debra Daley
Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

“My intention for this year is to be Nourished and to Nourish others.”

Heather Perry
Ventura, CA, USA

“Having some kind of ‘guiding principle’ for the year might be more fulfilling. It could be ‘loving kindness’ or ‘upward’ or ‘white board’…the possibilities are endless. Or it might be ‘conscious’ – being conscious of each individual we react with…to try to establish a connection, no matter how small. Conscious of our bodies and how we are nourishing and strengthening them, conscious of movement, and nature, and the universe. What would that feel like on a daily basis?”

Heather Perry
Ventura, CA, USA

“I resolve to focus on hope instead of fear, strength instead of weakness, love instead of hate and gratitude rather than lack.”

Sharon Duggan

“I’m going to work on practicing non-attachment and having more empathy in my daily life.”

Takako Willden
Cedarburg, WI, USA

“To endeavor to keep my heart open and my mind still as I move about the world.”

Greg Leach
Kennebunk, ME, USA

“To serve others even when it’s not convenient.”

Cherie Ebert

“To be in my devotion with my words, my thoughts and my actions.”

Ginny Hout
Loveland, CO, USA

“A financial services industry that incorporates the values of yoga relating to conduct, sustainability and wellbeing.”

Scott Robinson
London, UK

“2022, a love story: May this new year be not so much like a bad sci fi movie but more like a love story, where each of us is the lover and the loved. May we fall for an unlikely protagonist. May we date stars. May we be blinded by love that comes from galaxies not so far away. May we say I do. May we agree that we are not alone in the universe. And may the ending be out of this world, and also truly madly deeply in it.”

Jacqueline Gilbey
Ontario, Canada