Caught in the Web

Sometimes it feels like my heart will just melt, and my blood will spill onto the street and mix with those who struggle, those who cry out, those who want for a better world.

When the heart breaks, it releases an elixir, an exquisitely fine substance that spreads throughout both body and mind. Has your heart too been breaking lately? Might our collective hearts be breaking?  In this time it is hard not to feel overwhelmed by evidence of global suffering. The internet spews posts and pictures into our personal hand held devices each day so that we are all, on some level, caught in the web. Our ever present screens leave open the window to the world. I long for the day when the t.v stood mute and faceless in the corner of the family room and would only be brought to life for a Saturday night special or Sunday ball game. Nowadays each of us risks over-exposure. Remember the days developing film in the darkroom where you used Stop Bath to halt the developing process? There are days when I wish for a Stop Bath against the proliferation of pain in the world. But the world keeps chugging and everything you might ever want to see, listen to or buy is just at the tip of your finger. Technology is a strange kind of magic, a conjuring of the gods, what the ancients knew as maya. Are we under a technology spell? Now that we have access to each other through the ethers, the Zoom rooms, Myspace, and social media are we coming any closer?  Are we simply filling our aching voids with grainy pictures of each other’s face in a box?  The airwaves now are crowded with peddlers offering their moves, their counsel, their promises. Being so far away but apparently so close, leaves me with a tinge of sadness. What I long for is to see the dance of light in your eye, to smell the fragrance of your hair and to sense your breath moving under your skin.


Don’t Hold Your Breath

Don’t Hold Your Breath

You don’t have to do yoga to know that you should not “hold your breath”. Yet in order to make it through a topsy turvy time it is common for people to do just this. When we say “holding your breath” we do not simply mean not inhaling. Of course, people rarely “hold their breath” for without breath there is no life and by way of a long held breath, you might end up passed out on the carpet! It is more common for people to constrict their blood vessels, clench their nerves or tighten their sphincters in order to get by.

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