Justice and Mindfulness For All

Justice + Mindfulness For All

The social unrest in America today reminds us how important it is to embody the key principles of our practice. The strife in the street we have all seen on the news this week points to how easy it is to become reactive, defensive, aggressive, and to feed off fear. We vow to support those who stand in a spirit of undying equanimity and enduring kindness. Here at Prajna Yoga we cannot be on the front lines of protest, but believe that the small drops of goodness we Zoom out each week, leave a small but positive impression. Thank-you all for joining us in a collective effort to embody patience, tolerance, and non-reactivity. Know that your steadfast open-heart and loving presence make a real difference in the world today.

With love,
Tias and Surya


Don’t Hold Your Breath

Don’t Hold Your Breath

You don’t have to do yoga to know that you should not “hold your breath”. Yet in order to make it through a topsy turvy time it is common for people to do just this. When we say “holding your breath” we do not simply mean not inhaling. Of course, people rarely “hold their breath” for without breath there is no life and by way of a long held breath, you might end up passed out on the carpet! It is more common for people to constrict their blood vessels, clench their nerves or tighten their sphincters in order to get by.

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