Dogen, the sixth patriarch of Zen…

“The sixth patriarch of Zen heard two monks arguing, one saying it is the flag moving, one saying it is the wind moving. As they argued ceaselessly back and forth like this, the patriarch said, “It is not the wind moving, it is not the flag moving–it is your minds moving.”



Don’t Hold Your Breath

Don’t Hold Your Breath

You don’t have to do yoga to know that you should not “hold your breath”. Yet in order to make it through a topsy turvy time it is common for people to do just this. When we say “holding your breath” we do not simply mean not inhaling. Of course, people rarely “hold their breath” for without breath there is no life and by way of a long held breath, you might end up passed out on the carpet! It is more common for people to constrict their blood vessels, clench their nerves or tighten their sphincters in order to get by.

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