Yoga, Introversion, and Social Distancing

Spending prolonged periods of time on the mat generally involves spending time alone.

At this time of social distancing, introverts may have an easier time than extroverts going into solitary time, on the yoga mat or meditation cushion. For introverts especially, alone time is invaluable to nourish our souls. For those who cherish retreat time, this time of social distancing may feel like a source of ongoing renewal.  Introverts may endure or even thrive at this time of social distancing. Yet in this time of quarantine does internal, contemplative time make you feel more isolated? How is practicing alone at this time for you? When you practice do you find ways to connect in your heart to others while at a distance? All of us benefit from contact with others to lift our spirits. Teachers cherish communal sharing in the classroom and thrive from the interaction with students. Yet now in the era of on-line learning, without immediate contact from others, how do you continue to thrive and flourish?


Don’t Hold Your Breath

Don’t Hold Your Breath

You don’t have to do yoga to know that you should not “hold your breath”. Yet in order to make it through a topsy turvy time it is common for people to do just this. When we say “holding your breath” we do not simply mean not inhaling. Of course, people rarely “hold their breath” for without breath there is no life and by way of a long held breath, you might end up passed out on the carpet! It is more common for people to constrict their blood vessels, clench their nerves or tighten their sphincters in order to get by.

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