Prajna Temple

Unique and spectacular, our Temple is a beautiful setting for your yoga practice. The design-builder team, Paula Baker-LaPorte and Robert LaPorte of EcoNest Building Company, are forerunners in the field of natural building. Handcrafted in the timber frame style, the building is ecological and sustainable utilizing active and passive solar power and an extensive rainwater catchment system. The building’s exterior is made of clay/straw and the interior is finished in earth plastering. Featuring a Japanese aesthetic, the building has clean, elegant lines. Also influenced by the Vastu principles of Indian architecture, the design provides a very serene, harmonizing environment. The natural Japanese gardens, walkways, pond, and rock benches complement the overall retreat atmosphere.

The architecture of our building has been featured in Yoga Journal, Natural Home Magazine and Mother Earth News. Read the article in Mother Earth News: “How to Create a Healthy Yoga Studio”  >