Bandhas: Gateways to the Yoga Body | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - This intensive explores the potent, alchemical effects that the bandhas have on the subtle body. We aim to demystify the bandhas, identifying them neither as mechanical locks nor esoteric techniques.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: FREE ORIENTATION | Online Event

JANET CURRY & TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - Join guest teacher Janet Curry for an orientation session for the upcoming event, Prajna Yoga's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. This event will begin with Tias introducing Janet, and will include information about the format, logistics, and content for the upcoming MBSR course.

SATYA 1 | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Co-Hosted with YOGACAMPUS - This training covers the foundational movements of the SATYA practice. This will revitalize your own body by reducing fatigue, building coherence, and integration of all the connective tissues of your body.

All Souls Day Retreat | Online Event

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in SANTA FE - At the end of autumn and near the marking of All Souls Day, this time of year is ripe for deepening connection to one’s own soul journey. We take time to metabolize experience old and new and come to a vivid, loving presence.

The Anatomy of Kundalini | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Co-Hosted with YOGACAMPUS - This course explores the colorful, poetic and artistic descriptions of kundalini within the yoga tradition while reimagining kundalini through the eyes of contemporary neuroscience. We use the yoga practice of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, and meditation to enliven the deepest life force of the body.