Prajna Live | The Deep Sleep | Online Practice

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - By resting in states of deep relaxation, the body and mind can restore to their optimal levels of vitality. This class starts with movement and leads to the practice of yogic sleep (yoga nidra).


Guidance on the Path: Prajna Live Mentorship

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - In order to support you in your ongoing practice, we invite you to attend this consultation session with Tias and Surya in order to explore issues that may surface during your practice.

The Power of the Spine | Online Day-Long Workshop

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - Co-Hosted by PRAIRIE YOGA - In the mystical yoga tradition, the power of the spine is given many names: the Kundalini, the Lustrous Channel, the Silent Channel, the Shaft of Light. In this class learn to amplify the flow of the deep life force through your spinal column.


Healing the Organic Body | Online Weekend Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Co-Hosted with PRAIRIE YOGA - In this unique weekend immersion, we practice to promote health and vital function within the internal organs. We practice dynamic and restorative yoga postures and SATYA to squeeze, wring, drain and cleanse fluids through each organ.


Prajna Live | Release Your Eyes, Rest Your Brain | Online Practice

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - In this class prepare to melt strain out of your eyes through shoulder openers, neck releases, and eye movement. By softening and relaxing your eyes, generate serenity and silence in the organ of your brain.

Prajna Live | The Spirit of Play | Online Practice

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Playfulness, lightness, and spontaneity are all qualities of the creative aspect of being. In yoga, this play, called lila, is generated through movement, breath, and flow. Join us for a class full of dynamic movement and play. 

Prajna Live | Enlighten Your Lungs | Online Practice

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Chair backbends can create space and a feeling of (de)light inside your chest cavity. In this class we will create elasticity and suppleness while fortifying the space of prana within.

Prajna Live | Relax the Hips | Online Practice

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - In this class we will use the  breath, repetitive movements, and proper alignment to open the inner spaces of your hip joints and pelvis, gently but deeply stretching the inner and outer muscles and increasing mobility in this region.

Prajna Live | Twists to Generate Warmth | Online Practice

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Twisting in yoga practice begins from deep within the pelvis, activating the inner body, compressing the internal organs, and facilitating the purification of the body from inside out. This sequence uses breath, alignment, core work, and pelvic engagement through SATYA movement, to create space within for full body twisting and for generating warmth.

Anatomy of the Vayus | Online Course

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Co-Hosted with BREATHE TOGETHER YOGA - In yoga, the vayus are “wind channels”, that conduct the flow of nerves blood and lymph. Understanding the nature of each vayu is crucial to harmonizing the subtle flow of prana in the body and to establishing health and vitality. You will be guided through an in-depth investigation of the five primary winds in the body through yoga asana, pranayama, and SATYA.

The Light Inside the Dark | Online Day-Long Silent Retreat

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - At the beginning of the winter season, take a day to drop into deep practice. In this day long immersion, we weave together sitting practice, SATYA and asana in order to support a time of inner communion.

SATYA 2 | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - In SATYA 2, you will learn more complex sequencing, more nuanced variations of movement, and more about the physiological benefits.This training lays out the essentials for how to sequence the SATYA movements and how to combine them with asana.

SATYA 3 | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - SATYA 3 investigates the therapeutic benefits of SATYA on the nervous system, endocrine system, digestion, and circulation in order to heal the subtle body.