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Art of Sequencing and Creative Adjusting

March 16, 2021 - March 21, 2021

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The Art of Sequencing

Careful and intelligent sequencing is what makes an authentic, skillful yoga class. Without proper sequencing, a class can leave the student ungrounded and imbalanced. Like a good chef who knows how to skillfully combine ingredients, the mindful yoga teacher blends poses to create a feeling of integrity and wholeness. Including both dynamic and restorative classes, this course helps teachers design safe, intelligent, and creative sequences.

Course of Study:

  • Design intelligent sequences involving themed classes, pose combinations, class pacing, and duration of holds
  • Master the “Entry and Exit”, learning how to open and close a class by weaving together mindfulness, meditation and restorative yoga
  • Use of props
  • Avoid posture combinations that cause strain and aggravation
  • Teach with a theme and design classes for the hip joints, shoulders, low back, etc.
  • Combine symmetrical and asymmetrical postures
  • Integrate the “Central Axis” – sequencing toward and away from the mid-line of the body

Creative Adjusting

In this time of distance learning, it is important that the teacher be able to guide and “ adjust” the student with verbal cuing.  In this part of the course, we support on-line teachers and teachers in the yoga room to find the best descriptive language to facilitate opening in a posture.  Tias and Surya coach on how to articulate actions in the pose when teaching. This will help maximize the physiological benefits of a pose, reduce anxiety, build immunity and find peace. This course of study also includes how to further  “adjust” postures by guiding students in the creative use of props, furniture or wall space in order to help students experience ease and grace in their structure.

Course of Study:

  • Cultivate a clear language that directs a student toward a structural release
  • Identify postural dynamics in the legs, pelvis, shoulders and spine, and recognize strain patterns through visual assessment
  • Gain techniques to adjust students in restorative poses, as well as how to “adjust” them with the use of props
  • Learn to guide students in unsupported and supported postures
  • Develop a language of yoga that is invitational while directing student to experience tranquility and space

**If you’ve completed this course before, you are eligible for an additional 15% off the regular price! Email to prajnaoffice@gmail.com to access this discount.


March 16, 2021
March 21, 2021
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