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On the Path of Yoga: A Prajna Yoga Immersion – Omaha, NE

September 25 - September 27


On the Path of Yoga: A Prajna Yoga Immersion

It is a great joy to be on the path of practice. Each day we come to the mat, we celebrate the beauty of being. This weekend immersion is an opportunity for you to further your journey on the path. With each practice session your body will let go, your mind become clearer and your heart more true. On the path of practice we connect to the subtle rhythms of our breath, nerves and blood flow. Also we attune to our innermost visions and dreams for how we can become the change we seek.


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Holding it all Together: Yoga and Connective Tissue

Friday afternoon: 2pm – 5pm

Fascia is the physical structure that holds us together. Literally. It keeps our bones upright, our organs in place and supports the pathway of the nerves. A dedicated yoga practice involves moving layer by layer through the connective tissues. While fascia is the prime mover of the body, it also a vessel for holding memory, feelings, dreams and identity. In this class we practice movements that enhance the flow of fascia through the body.  We also track how thoughts, feeling, memory and a sense of “I” are imprinted on the connective tissues.

Cost: $75

Supple Hips, Quiet Mind 

Friday Evening: 6pm – 8pm

It is important for students of yoga to have open hips in order to be still, stable and centered in seated meditation. This class is an immersion to generate fluidity in the hips through both mobilization and stabilization techniques. Tias guides a series of movements to stretch, unwind and free the powerful musculature around the hips prior to sitting.

Cost: $60

Bones, Breath, and Balance

Saturday Morning: 9:30am – 12:30pm

As we age the bones become lighter and less stable. In the spiritual traditions of India and China, the bone and the bone marrow are thought to hold the deep life force. In this class we build greater connection to the bones through standing and supine poses. We practice balancing poses in standing and supine positions. This makes the bone and its surrounding tissue strong and supple. Like tapping into an aquifer we access the bone and bone marrow to tap the body’s deepest essence.

Cost: $75

Yoga of the Sun, Yoga of the Moon

Saturday afternoon: 2pm – 5pm

Yoga is described historically as the union of opposites, and in this class we investigate the polarity between solar and lunar energies in the body, two opposing and complementary sources of light and gravitational pull. In practice we balance the two sides of the body right and left in order to animate and illuminate the central channel of the spine. Come prepared to practice postures, mudras, chanting and meditation to create a harmonic convergence within the subtle energy fields of the body.

Cost: $75

Building your Inner Fire

Sunday Morning: 9am – 12pm

The belly center, the third chakra, is the hearth of the body. In yoga we carefully stoke the fire within yet unfortunately there is often constriction in the gut due to stress and emotional holding. This class focuses on opening the belly through dynamic and passive poses. We emphasis twists and supported backbends to ignite the inner fire and pranayama to spread the light of prana throughout the body.

Cost: $75

Cost: $335 for the whole weekend, $60 for 2-hour workshop, $75 for 3-hour workshops


September 25
September 27
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