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Practice is the Path in Yoga – Vista Yoga, Atlanta GA

November 13 - November 15


Practice is the Path in Yoga

It is a great joy to be on the path of practice. Each day we come to the mat, we celebrate the beauty of being. This week-end immersion is an opportunity for you to further your journey on the path. With each practice session your body will let go, your mind become clearer and your heart more true. On the path of practice we connect to the subtle rhythms of our breath, nerves and blood flow. Also we attune to our innermost visions and dreams for how we can become the change we seek.

The Power of the Spine

Friday 1:30 – 4:30pm

There are a total of 72 joints in the spinal column and the spine is capable of multiple small movements, yet as we age the spine typically becomes compressed, twisted and displaced.  In yoga we align the spine by alternately stretching and shortening the muscles, tendons and ligaments that attach directly to the spine. In this class, we practice supine, seated and standing movements to generate optimal flow through the spine. In the mystical yoga tradition, the power of the spine is given many names: the Kundalini, the Lustrous Channel, the Silent Channel, the Shaft of Light.  In this class learn to amplify the flow of the deep life force through your spinal column.

Restorative Yoga—Nourishing Bone, Blood, and Breath

Friday 6 – 8pm

This class guides students in poses that are designed to reduce fatigue and release stress buried in the body. By the practice of supported postures, the aim of this class is to soothe the nervous system, reduce strain in the connective tissues and calm the mind. In this class you will learn to optimize the flow of prana in your body while rejuvenating your nerves, circulatory rhythms and connective tissue.

Riding the Changing Edge

Saturday 9:30am – 12:30pm

In practice we aim to find the edge within each pose. The edge is the threshold to change, growth and awakening. While typically students aim to push their edges further, this practice is about abiding at the edge, without pushing against it or pulling back from it. No matter how small, each edge represents a possibility for growth and transformation. In this class discover that whether on or off the mat, you are always on the changing edge.

Re-educating the Neural-Muscular system and Brain Pathways

Saturday 2 – 5pm

All of us get stuck in habitual ways of moving and thinking. We refer to this as “the habit body” and the “habit mind”. This mind-body training provides unique ways to help rewire the body’s neurological flow and introduce greater possibility for movement, feeling and action. This class involves practicing mindful movements to help establish new sensory pathways inside. This helps to rewire the circuitry throughout the connective tissue and brain while optimizing health and vitality.

In the Flow of the Now

Sunday 9am – 12pm

Yoga is a practice to be whole heartedly in the moment. Whether on or off the mat, we aim to be in the flow of presence for whatever is arising. Yet if the moment is always passing, how do we arrive at full open presence?  In this class we practice being in the flow of presence through three primary qualities: Deep Relaxation, Vital Energy and  Spacious Awareness. Through movement, stillness, sound, pranayama and visualization, we cultivate energy and clarity in order to be in the flow of the now.


  • Entire weekend: $335
  • 3-hour workshops: $75
  • 2-hour workshop: $65



The Doubletree by Hilton – Northlake Hotel

4156 Lavista Road  

Tucker GA 30084



Vista Yoga
2836 Lavista Road
Decatur, GA 30033 United States