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The Dream of Yoga: Awakening the Subtle Body through Movement, Sound, Light, and Visualization – Los Gatos, CA

December 2 @ 9:30 am - December 6 @ 4:30 pm


In this series of classes, we explore key connections to the subtle body.  We will investigate how imagery, dreams,  light and sound effect the subtle channels of the body. Tias draws from myth, hatha yoga, Buddhist traditions and dream work to create a rich tapestry of study and practice. Each day includes yoga, meditation, SATYA, sound work and creative visualization. Specifically, we explore the ways that imagery, metaphor and visualization can create lasting change in the deep seated energy centers of the body.


Day 1: The Ocean of the Heart

Wednesday, December 2 | 9:30 – 4:30

It is said in the Rig Veda that the whole universe is set within the ocean of the heart. This immersion explores the heart as a metaphor for the depth consciousness. We will study delightful passages from the yoga tradition that suggest that the heart is an ocean subject to both stillness and waves or emotion. In practice we bring fluidity, adaptability, and volume to the heart center by yoking awareness to the ocean heart that is itself fathomless. In practice we open the shoulders and chest in order to expand breath waves and feeling through the ocean of the heart.

Day 2: Yoga of the Sun, Yoga of the Moon

Thursday, December 3 | 9:30 – 4:30

Consciousness is thought to be made of light, specifically star light, moon light and the light of the sun. Hatha Yoga is described as the union of sun and moon. In this class we investigate the polarity between solar and lunar energies in the body, two opposing and complementary sources of light and gravitational pull. In practice we balance the two sides of the body right and left in order to animate and illuminate the central channel of the spine thought to be like a ray of light. Come prepared to practice postures, mudras, chanting, and meditation to create a harmonic convergence within the subtle energy fields of the body.

Day 3: Healing through Yoga: The Cranial-Sacral Pump

Friday, December 4 | 9:30 – 4:30

Healing in yoga inevitably involves a harmonic alignment between the sacrum and the cranium. This supports the parasympathetic nervous system, which is central to healing. In this immersion, you will see how vinyasa and many yoga poses, serve to balance the motion between the sacrum and occiput. You will gain a clear understanding of the anatomical structures involved in the sacrum-to-skull rhythm. We explore the cranial-sacral pump in spinal undulation, cat-cow, dog pose, wheel, in savasana, and more. We will see how yoga postures benefit the fluid dynamics within the spine, spinal cord, and inter-vertebral discs. In order to feel the cranial-sacral pump, we will practice in pairs to manually cradle both occiput and sacrum. This class couples training work, practice time, and receiving restorative touch!

Day 4: Rivers of Sound: Nadis, Chakras, and the Central Channel

Saturday, December 5 | 9:30 – 4:30

In yoga it is thought that the entire universe and the body itself is made up of vibration. All that vibrates produces sound currents that flow like rivers. In the body it is said that there are 350,000 little rivers that transport vibration.  In this unique immersion we animate the channels of the body through breath, sound and movement. Not only the sound OM, but numerous other healing sounds open up the channels of the subtle body. Come prepared to feel how alignment in postures allows you to feel the flow of vibration and how the resonance and rhythm of sacred sound has specific effects on the chakras. Much emphasis will be given to sensing vibration in the innermost chamber of the spine, spinal cord and cranium, thought to house the supreme spirit within the body. This unique event invokes the mystery of the subtle body as Tias draws from science, poetry and classical yoga.

Day 5: Moving into Yoga Nidra and Working with Dreams 

Sunday, December 6 | 9:30 – 4:30

For thousands of years, yogic consciousness has been compared to states of sleep, and dream. Sleep itself is one of the best yogas, for it helps rest the mind together with all biological functioning. Historically, in both Western and Eastern traditions, working with dreams supports spiritual and psychological transformation.  In this course we will practice movements that support the yogic sleep called yoga nidra. We will use states of yoga nidra not simply to rest the body-mind but to help foster contact with the content of dreams. 

Dreams make it possible to track deeper content of the psyche. Somatic and psychic content, unavailable during waking hours surfaces during dreams. Traces of experience, called samskaras in Sanskrit, surface in the dream, showing up as images, people, circumstances, feelings etc. Without guidance, dreams are challenging to understand because thoughts and feelings mutate in the dream time, “shape-shifting,” and so appear in different guises. Prepare to bring 2 or 3 dreams with you to class.



  • Entire Weekend: $900
  • Single Day: Early Bird $200 by November 14, 2020, Regular Price: $225 



December 2 @ 9:30 am
December 6 @ 4:30 pm
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