Mentorship Program

Traditional training on the path of yoga and real progress on the path are difficult if not impossible without a teacher.

Following the structure used in retreat settings within the Buddhist practice, Tias, Surya and Senior Prajna Teachers are working one-to-one with committed students to facilitate their growth. We feel that with the direct support of a mentor, a student can evolve more rapidly on the path.

Students who are currently enrolled in the Prajna Yoga 200, 300, and 500 hour training programs may apply to work with a Prajna mentor.

For more information on the mentor program contact:


The role of the mentor is to:

  • support students through their yogic studies with Prajna yoga
  • help clarify the intent, appropriate direction and goals within the context of the Prajna Yoga Training
  • counsel and advise student’s growth and progress in their personal practice
  • support students in the training of the heart and mind
  • provide support and guidance on the path and study of the dharma
  • help navigate obstacles and challenges that may arise the teacher-student relationship
  • guide students in the growth and development of their professional careers
  • identify opportunities to assist in classes or workshops with Prajna Yoga Teachers
  • review and provide feedback on class and workshop design
  • review and provide feedback from video recordings of classes, workshop and private sessions


Requirements of students:

  • commit to meet with their mentor in one-to-one sessions
  • maintain a daily practice of both meditation and asana