200-Hour Program


This is for all yoga practitioners who would like to study the richness and depth of yoga. Combining physical training with mindfulness and contemplative practice, this course accelerates personal growth while opening up insight into the vast and subtle teachings on yoga, the breath, and the mind.

You can apply and register here.


Begin to Refine


Begin Here Now.

Take your first step on the extraordinary journey through the body-mind. Each session will deepen your personal practice while providing insight into the beauty, richness, and complexity of the yoga tradition.

Pathway 1 provides the map to the layout of the land. It is an invitation to cultivate a language of yoga that articulates the body in asana and pranayama and incorporates the study of poetry, sutras, myths, and chanting. It is a journey that leads right to the heart of being.

Full Immersion:

Courses that can be applied towards the 200-Hour Training, must total 180 contact hours:

  • From the Ground Up
  • The Fluid Body
  • The Subtle Body
  • Mastering the Basics
  • Women’s Health



  • Training manuals and handouts
  • 180-Hours of contact learning with Tias & Surya Little
  • 200-Hour certification eligible for Yoga Alliance RYT200 registration


  1. Have consistent yoga practice for a minimum of two years
  2. Apply and be accepted to the 200-Hour Prajna Yoga Teacher Training
  3. Complete a combination of the following courses listed below for a total of 180 hours:
    1. From the Ground Up
    2. The Fluid Body
    3. The Subtle Body
    4. Mastering the Basics
    5. Women’s Health
    6. Meditation or Silent Retreat
    7. Prajna Yoga’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  4. Complete the remaining 20 hours. This can be accomplished by doing one or more of the following:
    1. Take a Prajna Yoga Advanced Studies or an Afternoon Course
    2. Attend any of the various Prajna Yoga courses, teacher trainings, and/or weekend immersions offered throughout the year and in many locations in the US, Europe, and Asia (Please note: for 200-Hour candidates, up to 10 hours can be applied for workshops given by Prajna Yoga Teachers.)
    3. Private sessions with Surya or Tias
    4. Dharma Talks at Mountain Cloud or Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico
    5. Svadhyaya


*Students who complete our 200-Hour Teacher Training will receive a Prajna Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Certificate and are eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200).


All students seeking certification with Prajna Yoga are responsible for keeping track of their course work and hours completed. You can download the log sheet by clicking here. It is advised that students print out a Certification Log and keep it updated.

Upon completion of all requirements, please send this log along with any other supporting documentation indicated above to the Prajna Yoga office at prajnaoffice@gmail.com.


“I loved getting to see how refined and honed the programs are at Prajna. It was such a joy to see Tias and Surya display such mastery in assembling and disassembling the information together.”

– Scott