Apprenticeship Program

The Prajna Yoga Apprenticeship Program is based on the idea of mentorship and learning by observation and engagement. By assisting Tias, Surya or other Prajna Yoga teachers in a classroom setting, the apprentice learns and grows from hands-on practice training. Tias and Surya feel that the apprenticeship role is an invaluable way for them to “pass the baton” and help facilitate teachers-in-training to teach yoga based on the principles of Prajna Yoga. The program helps the teacher-in-training build confidence and experience. This experience is enhanced by working directly with a master teacher and a well-known and respected yoga school. Additionally, the apprentice has an opportunity to build their reputation and teaching career from the role of apprenticing in workshops, conferences, trainings and festivals.

What you will gain from Apprenticeship Program:

  • Observation of teaching methodology from the side of a master teacher.
  • Build greater understanding for how to manage a class and execute appropriate classroom dynamics.
  • Gain insight as to how to weave together into a classroom setting the pillars of Prajna Yoga: Wisdom, Anatomy, Asana (as well as SATYA).
  • Receive coaching from Tias and Prajna Staff in the art of classroom management and working with individual conditions.
  • Gain insight into the skills necessary to conduct an inspiring and cohesive class: classroom organization, rapport with students, the pacing and sequencing of a class, problem solving, working with beginners and therapeutic cases, holding the space, working with props, language, voicing and the overall felt presence of the teacher.
  • Accumulate contact hours that can be applied toward completion of the Prajna Yoga 500 Hour Certification.
  • Enhance your teaching credentials and teacher resume.

Requirements to apply to the Apprenticeship Program:

  • Enrolled in the Prajna Yoga’s 300 or 500-hour program
  • Completed Hands on Adjustments and the Art of Sequencing
  • Three week-long Prajna trainings are required, one of which must be Cultivating the Mindful Teacher
  • Logged at least 50 hours of teaching experience within your own community
  • Have understanding of therapeutics, basic restorative poses, sequencing, the use of props, menstrual cycle poses and other special needs, e.g., low back and knees issues.
  • Complete the Apprenticeship Application and return via email to

It is up to the apprentice to review the Prajna Yoga Schedule and request opportunities to assist. Tias/Surya will make the final determination of who will be assisting for each event and the Prajna office will inform each requester of their status.