Session IV: Cultivating the Mindful Teacher

The aim of this intensive is to provide the student with the practical skills and creativity to teach a well organized, clear and inspiring class. We help teachers who are already teaching bring greater depth and variety to their classes.  What makes Prajna Yoga unique is its weave of asana, mindfulness, internal alignment and wisdom sharing. We help teachers develop the skills to teach a class that is not simply a physical workout but a class that is multi-layered. We address ways for teachers to skillfully integrate meditation, somatic awareness training and asana into their daily classes. We emphasize how to teach asana–both vinyasa and long held poses–with internal alignment in such a way that it is physically rewarding, mindful and spiritually uplifting.

When teaching guided classes, we encourage teachers to command a class through both intensity and gentleness. Considerable time is spent on teacher practicum and for trainees to receive feedback on how to use clear and precise language, to teach through tone of voice and to “hold the space” within a classroom. We provide the foundation for how to integrate anatomical study into the classroom setting, including how to use anatomical images and how to teach living anatomy. In addition, we cover the ways a teacher can integrate sutras, poetry, chant and teachings from the yoga tradition and buddha dharma into the classroom experience.