The Art of Healing

In the first half of the course, we cover principles of how to adapt poses for beginners. We will address how to work with inflexible students, elderly students and beginning students with structural limitations. The second part of this course covers how to use the poses therapeutically.

Our aim is to review the most common afflictions that a teacher will be confronted with in the classroom, namely lower back pain, neck and shoulder limitations, knee pain, sciatica, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, GI tract dysfunction, migraines, insomnia, cancer and surgery.

As every case is different, we will emphasize the principles of healing through yoga postures and SATYA movements–using traction, compression, inversion, “rinsing” tissue, etc. Throughout the course we will be using actual case studies (beginners and individuals with special needs) in order to authenticate the application of the work.

The emphasis in this training is to show that correct positioning of the body– for a duration of time and within a specific sequence of related poses– can result in profound physiological changes. Students will learn how to use props in order to effect the flow of blood, lymph and nerve impulse. Included in this course on yoga chikitsa (yoga remedy) is the practice of specific meditations to help heal the emotional body and purify negative emotion.