“The schedule for training was excellent and so rich in valuable information. I loved the talks and chanting from the heart, and the provocative discussions. I love the combination of Tias and Surya – the perfect blend of exceptional knowledge, experience, gentle feedback, and group and individualized attention. Thank you for sharing your expansive body of knowledge. I feel surrounded by love and kindness, and exceptional teachings at the magical Prajna Yoga space.”

– Gail Miller | San Rafael, CA

“I have gained so much from my time studying with Prajna. If you want a school that will provide a space of deep healing, high-quality instruction, and profound wisdom, Prajna is the school for you.”

– Cassidy Geppert | Williams, OR

“Everyone needs to experience Prajna Yoga. One student put it just right when they said it teaches yoga for sustainability. This is yoga for the lifespan, and it introduces and welcomes one to be in communication with their body. I now understand why this is the only yoga teacher training my yoga teacher would allow me to do in order to teach.” 

– Anonymous

“Prajna Yoga is by far one of the best yoga programs out there. The holistic and humble combination of asana, meditation, chanting, and dharma are great tools for both self-practice and teaching. A very transformative program! Thank you Tias and Surya!” 

– Anonymous


“The trainings at Prajna Yoga are exceptionally valuable for professional yoga teachers, while simultaneously providing time for personal practice, retreat, and renewal. Tias and Surya are truly generous with their teachings, time, and energy. I plan to return again and again to study with these masters.”

– Keith Porteous | New Orleans, LA

“I find Tias’s teaching to be profound and stimulating to my brain.”

– Judy Sims-Barlow | La Veta, CO

“My training at Prajna Yoga was the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Entering the temple each day was like opening the lid of a treasure chest to a new discovery. The setting and the temple alone awakened all of the senses to deep within. The teachings each day offered fresh insight and a contemplative mind, unearthing a peaceful place to study, explore, feel your senses, and open your heart.”

– Sherry Morgan 

“I really felt seen by Tias and Surya for who I really am. Both really plugged into my level of practice and re-enforced it. What more could I ask for?”

– Michael Salkin | San Rafael, CA

“I loved getting to see how refined and honed the programs are at Prajna. It was such a joy to see Tias and Surya display such mastery in assembling and disassembling the information together.”

– Scott

“Prajna Yoga presents an exciting lens to gaze through when looking at yoga and it’s many offerings. This path is not one to walk a short time on, but rather an ever-evolving lifelong journey in which one is guided deeper into the subtle body. The connection that you discover to yourself through Tias and Surya’s teachings ultimately leads you to discover your global and intimate connection to all.”

– Amy Raupach | Vallejo, CA

“SATYA is magic. It is like being rebuilt, plugged back in, and then shining from the inside.”

– Sarah Dentoni | Fort Collins, CO


Whether you are looking to return to your center in your personal practice, become a certified yoga teacher in the methods of Prajna, expand your practice into yoga therapy or simply looking to learn from us online, we have offerings to meet you where you are. 


“The Prajna training covered all facets of yoga – meditation, asana, structure/alignment, anatomy, and the dharma. And all of these things aren’t just taught, but embodied by Surya and Tias. The training offers all of the things that can’t necessarily be taught, which makes Prajna such an appropriate name – embodied wisdom.”