The Pathway to HEALING

Prajna Yoga offers expert training in the growing field of yoga therapy. We integrate contemporary research on body-mind integration with the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition. 

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The pathway of healing starts with compassionate presence and integrates somatic principles with psychology, pain management, subtle body awareness, nutrition, and energetic medicine.

Tias and Surya are certified teachers within the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). We are currently in the process of becoming an IAYT certified school of Yoga Therapy.

Students looking to earn the 300-Hour Prajna Yoga Therapy Certificate can take any combination of the following courses.


Yoga Therapy Courses:

  • SATYA 1 – 3  |  45-Hours Each
  • The Art of Healing: Yoga Therapy  |  45-Hours
  • Transformation Through the Chakras  |  30-Hours
  • Anatomy of the Vayus  |  30-Hours
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction  |  30-Hours
  • Yoga, Trauma, and Healing  |  30-Hours
  • Healing the Organic Body  |  12-Hours


Yoga, Trauma, and Healing | May 2021

SATYA 1 | September 2021

SATYA 2 | November 2021


“Prajna Yoga presents an exciting lens to gaze through when looking at yoga and it’s many offerings. This path is not one to walk a short time on, but rather an ever-evolving lifelong journey in which one is guided deeper into the subtle body. The connection that you discover to yourself through Tias and Surya’s teachings ultimately leads you to discover your global and intimate connection to all.”

– Amy Raupach | Vallejo, CA