Zen Motion

Zen Motion is a unique training that involves building concentrated yet open presence within group dynamics. A moving meditation, this training is dynamic, risk taking, physically challenging and fun. The training involves sitting, walking, running and falling and lying down. It is an exploration of personal boundary and the limits of a shared awareness—essentially meditation off the cushion. Tias draws from his background not only in Zen meditation but in dance and choreography.

The essence of Zen practice suggests finding joy through simplicity and within the ordinary way that things go. Essential to the spirit of Zen is connection to the natural world and that “practice” is not different from the natural course of wind, rivers, mountains and snow.

Zen Motion embodies the essence of our practice, investigating and practicing the clear nature of mind. Practices are done both alone and together, resting still and moving. The aim of our practice is to see into the “original brightness” of awareness itself, not as a static, isolated event had on the meditation cushion or on the sticky mat, but in the midst of everyday events. We train so that all moments, no matter the moment, occur in the bright field of our wakeful state.

Make the form formless form. Make the thought thoughtless thought. Singing and dancing, the dharma voice. How vast the sky of unobstructed concentration! At this very moment, what can be sought? Nirvana is immediate. This place is the lotus land. This body is the buddha body.
Zen Master Hakuin

Here is a great article by Devon Ward-Thommes about her experience with Tias’s Zen Motion: www.elephantjournal.com

The Zen Motion experience for me was unique and worthwhile. I feel that it fostered an opportunity to get out of my head and into my body. We moved, we flowed, we felt….and then we stopped, we held eyes, we fell to the floor, we stood still. A poem from Swami Ma in our Session I manual describes this “Living in the flow itself.  Living this way ensures that we will not break.  But will bend  Like the graceful willow.” The Zen motion practice brought into the training was like the Tibetan singing bowl being rung to bring us back. I think Zen Motion it is a deep and layered practice.  I feel grateful to have been able to have experienced it with a wonderful. — Tamara