Welcome to your journey on the Path! We invite you onto the path of Practice, the path of Training, or the path of Healing. While grounded in ancient tradition, we have a contemporary approach to all body-mind practices. Each class is a contemplative, in-depth immersion that leads to an experience of embodied wisdom.



The key to evolving on the path is practice, practice, practice. Pathway 1, the path of practice, is an extraordinary journey through the body-mind connection. Each session will deepen your personal practice while providing insight into the beauty, richness, and complexity of the yoga tradition.

_ The Art of Self Practice: Silent Retreat
_ Satya 1: The Path of Practice
_ All out of state Workshops and Retreats
_ All Tuesday Classes with Tias
_ Body of Santa Fe Classes
_ Online Learning



Pathway 2 is an invitation to cultivate a language of yoga that clearly articulates the body in somatic awareness, mindfulness, and yoga. Learn the craft to guide students in the body-mind-breath connection while integrating poetry, sutras, dharma, and chanting. The pathway of teaching is the journey to becoming a stand out teacher in your community by learning from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers in the country.

_ From the Ground Up
_ The Fluid Body
_ The Subtle Body
_ The Art of Sequencing and Hands on Assists
_ Cultivating the Mindful Teacher
_ The Art of Healing
_ SATYA 1-3
_ Online Learning
_ 200 and 300 Hour Prajna Yoga Teacher Training
_ 500 Hour Prajna Yoga Teacher Training



Prajna Yoga offers expert training in the growing field of yoga therapy. We integrate contemporary research on body-mind integration with the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition. The pathway of healing and our therapeutic work starts with compassionate presence and integrates somatic principles with psychology, pain management, subtle body awareness, nutrition, and energetic medicine.

_ SATYA 1 – 3
_ The Art of Healing: Yoga Therapy
_ Anatomy of the Chakras
_ Anatomy of the Vayus
_ The Subtle Body
_ Yoga, Trauma, and Healing
_ Healing the Organic Body
_ The Dream of Yoga: Awakening the Subtle Body Through Movement, Sound,
   Light &Visualization (?)
_ Men’s Retreat: Recovering the Vital Masculine
_ Online: Yoga U Courses on Lymphatic and Spine, Glo


“I find Tias’s teaching to be profound and stimulating to my brain.”

– Judy Sims-Barlow, La Veta, CO