The Prajna Yoga Book Club

Reading is a such wonderful way to deepen your learning, enhance thought, and expand the knowledge we hold of ourselves and the world around us.

The Prajna Book Club gathers online for live Q&A sessions with a leading Prajna teacher, where we will dive deeper into each book’s content, ask questions, and discuss as a gathering.

Our book choices revolve around subjects such as the mind-body connection, nutrition and food, somatics, yoga and the yogic arts, philosophy, current events, and more.

The Prajna Yoga Book Club is FREE!

Join us as we gather together as a Sangha to expand our horizons.


The Prajna training covered all facets of yoga – meditation, asana, structure/alignment, anatomy, and the dharma. And all of these things aren’t just taught, but embodied by Surya and Tias. The training offers all of the things that can’t necessarily be taught, which makes Prajna such an appropriate name – embodied wisdom.

– Anonymous